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 THE  ‘HOBBY LOBBY’  CASE  IMPERILS  RELIGIOUS  FREEDOM  by  Lucille Musser Arking  &  Robert Arking

The Supreme Court has ruled that certain corporations have the same right to religious freedom as does any person. We object to the reasoning of the five justices (Roberts, Alito, Scalia, Kennedy, and Thomas) who ruled in the recent Hobby Lobby case in which they concluded that the legal construct called a corporation has the right to hold a religious belief. … Read More


WTO/NAFTA/AFTA  AND  TPP  by  Mike Smith, Clawson  : June 2014 Editorial

A recent article in the Freep, prompted me to write about these anti-democratic trade deals.   “U.S. wins fair trade ruling…”.   If you read no further you would have thought we won one! …  Read More


PUBLIC  VS  PRIVATE   by  Mike Smith, Clawson   : May 2014 Editorial

Back in April, the Free Press did a report on the failure of the suburbs and the city of Detroit to come to an agreement on a joint venture over the Detroit water Department.  The article wasn’t too clear on what the stumbling block was between city and suburbs, but I gathered the city of Detroit wanted the lion’s share of say and that didn’t sit well with Wayne, Oakland & Macomb counties…  Read More


A  TALE  OF  TWO  TRAIN  STATIONS   by   Bob Arking, Troy   : April 2014 Editorial

Lucy and I spent last fall on sabbatical in South Korea. There were many interesting things that we saw and did, but I want to focus on just one particular experience which has relevance for all residents of SE Oakland county…   Read More


LIBERALS  &  CONSERVATIVES – IT’S A MIND THING   by  Mike Smith, Clawson   : March 2014 Editorial

I read an interesting piece on the internet awhile back.   Wish I had remembered the source, but the claim was that conservatives are not moved by facts or persuaded by evidence to change their minds…  Read More


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