The Troy Democratic Club (TDC) is part of and chartered under the Michigan Democratic Party(MDP).


To provide the community with a forum to communicate progressive ideas and elect candidates that advocate our democratic values.  We organize activities to communicate to the residents of our communities, the messages of the Democratic Party and of the candidates endorsed by the club.  We support advocacy of the issues important to Troy & Clawson and broadening our service to those communities.

We organize activities to communicate to the residents of Troy and Clawson the messages of the Democratic Party and of the candidates endorsed by the Club. We support advocacy of the issues important to Troy and Clawson and broadening our service to the community.

Here are the new Executive Board Members, for 2019-2020

Chair: Sharon MacDonell

Sharon is a life-long Democrat and 14-year resident of Troy with two children in Troy Schools. Sharon served on the Ethnic Issues Advisory Board starting in 2008, the same year she canvassed for the first time, knocking on hundreds of doors for Barack Obama. When the Tea Party took over the Troy City Council in 2009, she started the blog Keep Troy Strong, which brought together a new generation of Troy activists who saved the Troy Public Library, recalled Mayor Janice Daniels and elected the best of our new leadership to city council. In 2018 she served on State Rep. Padma Kuppa’s Kitchen Cabinet and volunteered for all of the local candidates’ campaigns.

Vice Chair: Hirak Chanda

Hirak is 20-year resident of Troy and has been a liberal Democratic activist for many years. He is a member of several progressive, grassroots organizations, like Indivisible Troy, MoveOn.Org, and SAMOSA. In the past few years, Hirak has volunteered for several local, state, and national campaigns. He worked very hard (door knocking, fundraising etc.) to get progressive candidates elected.  Hirak is actively involved in the community. He is a board member and past president of Bichitra, a Troy-based Indian American non-profit religious and cultural organization. Hirak holds a BS degree from Indian Institute of Technology (IIT) and an MS Degree from the University of Michigan.  He currently works as a Lead Engineer for Robert Bosch in Automotive Active Safety Systems and Autonomous Driving. Hirak has several publications and holds 11 U.S. patents.

Treasurer:  Chuck Shepard

Chuck is a passionate progressive activist who has worked for the past several years on local campaigns. Chuck was instrumental in helping to elect Dave Hamilton to Troy City Council, working on field and strategy. He also served as Treasurer for a local candidate in 2018. Chuck is an active member of Indivisible Troy, and works for the big three as an engineer. His analytical skills, attention to detail, and integrity will be an asset to the TDC Board as Treasurer.

Recording Secretary: Aaron Green

Aaron is a progressive activist, 8-year Troy resident, and lifelong resident of Oakland County. He holds a BS in English from Central Michigan and a Masters of Library Science from Wayne State. He has spent over a dozen years as an IT manager and system administrator. As TDC Corresponding Secretary for the last year, he uses his strong background to revitalize both the process and content of the club’s communications. He has attended most Troy City Council meetings since early 2017, live-posting them to Facebook to promote community awareness and engagement. Aaron first became involved in Troy politics in 2010 as part of the core team – along with Melanie and Sharon – working to Save the Troy Public Library. He has volunteered on many campaigns, including (but not limited to) Ann Gault, State Rep. Padma Kuppa, State Sen. Mallory McMorrow, U.S. Congresswoman Haley Stevens, and VNP.

Corresponding Secretary: Emily Nacy

Emily has lived in Troy since she was 2 years old. She’s a Troy School District Alumna. Emily attended Oakland University for her undergraduate degree in psychology with minors in English and history, and Western Michigan University for her graduate degree in counselor education. She is currently a school counselor in Detroit Public Schools. Emily has always loved politics, thanks to her high school political science teacher showing her class “The West Wing”. After the devastation of 2016 and huge victories of 2018, politics transitioned from being something she loved to something she actively was involved in. She began canvassing for her local state representative in the 41st House District, joined the Troy Dems club and ran a successful city council campaign. Emily looks forward to running more political campaigns as she transitions to doing this work full-time. Politics is truly her passion and purpose. She wants to make our society more just and equitable for all. 

TDC Trustees, 2019-2020

Theresa Brooks

Theresa Brooks is a wife and mother of three. She has lived in Troy for nearly four years and her children attend the public school system. Theresa grew up in Michigan and attended the University of Michigan for her undergraduate degree and Michigan State University for her medical degree. She’s a physician in a private practice affiliated with Beaumont Hospital. During her residency in Minnesota, 2007-2008, she was very politically motivated and became involved with the local Democratic party, to help get Barack Obama elected. However, like many people, she admits she became complacent after his election. The current political landscape has convinced Theresa that she can no longer be complacent. She was elected as a Troy precinct delegate in 2018, and volunteered with the Padma Kuppa and Democratic One campaigns. Working with these campaigns inspired Theresa in a way she did not expect. She now wants to take an active role in shaping an inclusive and decent society for her children and future generations to come. She believes in the words of Mahatma Gandhi that “I must be the change that I wish to see in the world.”

Mahendra Kenkre

Mahendra has been a resident of Troy for the past 18 years. His professional career is in automotive engineering and purchasing. Mahendra is a lifelong Democrat, has been a precinct delegate for many years, and served as the chair of the Troy Democratic Club in 2014. He regularly volunteers in campaigns and contributes financially to elect Democrats at the local, state, and federal level. He is also an active member of the MDP’s Indian Caucus and has served as its chair. Mahendra believes that electing Democrats to office is the best way to promote policies championed by the Democratic Party. Troy is trending Democratic, but more needs to be done – especially increasing club membership and attracting volunteers for canvassing. He will work with the TDC Executive Committee and the general

Steve Sadlier

Steve is a lifelong Democrat who grew up in Troy, graduated from Eastern Michigan University and has lived in the city for 50 years. He is a retired Troy teacher (36 years) who in the past was involved politically through the Troy Education Association (TEA), Michigan Education Association (MEA), and National Education Association (NEA), participating in GOTV phone banking, protests/rallies, and “Lobby Day” at the State Capitol. He served 13 years as Secretary of the TEA Executive Board and 4 years as a representative at the NEA National Convention. Steve volunteered on State Sen. Mallory McMorrow’s campaign knocking on doors (1st time), phone banking, appeared in her commercial, participated in a candidate prep session, was a Troy “lead” for GOTV, and is now part of her in district “Street Team.” While door knocking for McMorrow, Steve handed out literature, and introduced/promoted State Rep. Padma Kuppa, Rep. Haley Stevens and Ann Erickson Gault. Steve would like to see an increase in member attendance with our meetings being more centrally located. He hopes to use his recent campaign experience and enthusiasm to increase TDC members’ involvement in future campaigns.

Melanie Woodrich

Melanie has lived in Troy for 25 years. She’s a progressive activist who has been involved in many campaigns, beginning with the 2010 campaign to save the Troy Public Library to more recent activism with State Rep. Padma Kuppa, State Sen. Mallory McMorrow, and VNP. She’s currently a member of the OCDP Executive Committee and its Communications Committee, believing that transparency and communication are crucial for democracy.  She is an IT Supervisor at Henry Ford Health System where she’s worked for over six years and attends CMU (Troy), working toward her MSA in Leadership. Melanie also volunteers with the Troy English Workshop to help non-native speakers improve their language skills.

Membership Chair: Kelly Jones

Kelly is a 20 year resident of Troy and progressive activist. Kelly became involved in Troy government while serving on the City of Troy Ethnic Issues Advisory Board. Kelly serves on the board of a TSD PTO, and held the role of recording secretary for over 10 years within TSD PTO. Kelly is a founding member of Indivisible Troy, has volunteered in many organizations, including Voters Not Politicians, and has volunteered for several campaigns, including Barack Obama, Dave Hamilton, and   Padma Kuppa.

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H. David Arking · June 27, 2019 at 7:15 am

Greetings fellow Dems. It is with much sadness that the Arking family of Troy, Howell and Lansing announces that Lucille Mae Musser Arking died on Saturday, June 22, 2019 at Henry Ford Hospital in Detroit. Troy Democrats may recall Lucy as their former Treasurer, as Troy Democrat Of The Year in 2007 and as a passionate advocate and fighter for social justice on many fronts. Lucy had long suffered from serious medical conditions and she fought them hard. In the end she finally succumbed to her failing cardiac system, although her loving and generous inner heart was not affected. Her final hours were peaceful and without pain. Lucille was a remarkable professional and educator, a wonderful spouse to Robert, a terrific mom to David and Jonathan, and the beloved Nana of Ben, Jared, Rachel, Joshua, Emily and Claire. She was also a dear friend to many and the champion of still many others in need. She is greatly missed! May her memory be a fond blessing, a calling to follow our better angels and an inspiration to dream big and persevere. . She lived all her 83 years fully and she loved Democratic Party values and causes all the way. A casual “Celebration of Lucy” event, will be held on Saturday, July 13th from 2 to 5 pm at the Birmingham Temple For Humanistic Judaism located at 28611 W. Twelve Mile Road in Farmington Hills, Michigan. All of Lucy’s Democratic Party friends are very welcome to stop by and share in her remembrance. Sincerely. – H. David Arking (Lucy’s son)

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